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Head Office
101 Duncan Mill Rd., Suite 200
Toronto, ON M3B 1Z3

tel: 416.222.6677
toll free: 800.387.7283
fax: 416.225.8277
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(Our Team)
Brampton Branch Office
144 Queen Street West
Brampton, ON L6X 1A6

tel:  905.451.1174
fax: 905.451.4346
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(Our Team)

Our Team - Head Office 
Alan Applebaum M.Ed, CIP President x237
David Juvet LLM, CFP, CLU, RHU Vice President, Financial Services x210
Michael Applebaum MBA, CIP Operations & Account Manager x228
Fern Weisz Accounting x235
Rona Applebaum Administration x213
Nancy Coucill Office Administration x202
Wendy Brown, CIP Senior Account Manager, Commercial x204
Shani Campbell-Francois
Senior Account Manager,
Commercial & Personal
Minerva Leung, CIP Senior Account Manager,
Commercial & Personal
Adam Applebaum, CAIB Account Manager, Personal x232
Zahra Duarte BA, FCIP, CRM Account Manager, Commercial x206  
Grace Hong Account Manager, Personal x221
Maggie Kerr Account Manager, Personal x215
Anna McGuire Account Manager, Personal x298
Mahmooda Parveen Account Manager,
Commercial & Personal
Beverly Russell Account Manager, Personal x201
Vilsu Shah, BSc Account Manager, Commercial x205
Kathy Stephenson Account Manager, Personal x208
Connie Stewart Account Manager, Commercial x246
Janet Thom, CIP Account Manager, Personal x212
Melinda Thom Account Manager, Personal x203
Mona Alami, CAIB Associate Broker x214
David Block Associate Broker x227
Patrick Cheung, MBA Associate Broker x230
Robert Mills CIP, CRM Associate Broker x224
Anil Sharma Associate Broker 905.459.2525
Chris Vlastaris Associate Broker x225

Our Team - Brampton Branch Office (t: 905.451.1174, f: 905.451.4346) 
Talat Mansoor, CIP Branch Manager x230
Balwinder Saini Associate Broker x224
Fayyaz Mansoor
Associate Broker x222
Jagdeep Dhillon Associate Broker x226
Fatima Bokhari Office Administration x220

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